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Patterned Art Deco ACRYLIC wedding INVITATIONS

are included in every order at no additional charge!

A true statement invitation suite, full of unique details and art deco details. A sleek, modern sleeve with a monogram crest design slides over a frosted acrylic invitation, perfectly packaging the entire suite together. Geometric lines and an art deco pattern are printed in a striking metallic gold - on the sleeve, the acrylic invitation, inside of the mailer envelope, and on the RSVP envelope.

This invitation can be designed in any color scheme to perfectly coordinate with your special day! 

Want to change the size, font, or artwork? How about combining this design with another idea? No problem! Let us design the perfect invitation, customized just for you!

Our starting prices for acrylic invitations are approximately $2,000+, while the average Penn & Paperie client typically spends $2,200+. These are rough figures based on a quantity of 100. To receive a custom quote, please fill out an inquiry form by clicking the button below that says "inquire about this product".

Call us for a free, zero-obligation phone consultation and we can discuss how to choose the perfect wedding invitations.

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